The Lausanne Movement: Collaboration & Content

The Lausanne Movement: Collaboration & Content

I am taking a moment to unashamedly promote a great resource that is under-utilized and generally unknown among the evangelical, missions-minded world. The Lausanne Movement has been at the forefront of developing both innovative and biblical missiology since the 1970s. I serve as the Deputy Director for Collaboration and Content at Lausanne, and in my editing/curating, I regularly discover wonderful articles and essays that deserve consideration.

On the website there are many great resources. Here are a few places to start:

  • The About page is a must-read for understanding the breadth and depth of The Lausanne Movement and its contribution to evangelical missions.
  • Check out everything in the Content Library.
  • The Lausanne Global Analysis, published bi-monthly, describes itself as seeking “to deliver strategic and credible information and insight from an international network of evangelical analysts to equip influencers of global mission.”
  • The Lausanne Occasional Paper section contains scholarly papers by leading evangelical, missions-minded thinkers and practitioners addressing issues related to global mission.
    • In the Content Library there are other multimedia resources and tools for education and the local church.
  • Another great resource for global collaboration is the link for Connections. In this section there are numerous networks for global Christian leaders to find others who are serving in similar regions with like-minded ministry vision.

Here is a short video describing The Lausanne Movement in 100 seconds:

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