Announcement: Missio Nexus takes on EMQ

Announcement: Missio Nexus takes on EMQ

Missio Nexus and the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College have reached an agreement for Missio Nexus to continue publication of Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ).

For nearly half a century, EMQ has served the missionary community worldwide by providing relevant, engaging, thoughtful articles on a vast array of ministry topics. EMQ is one of the top journals for missiologists and is the premier journal for the North American mission community.

Ted Esler, Missio Nexus’ president, said, “EMQ is a perfect fit for the Missio Nexus community. Many of our programs are aimed at mission leadership and administration. We have been looking for ways to expand this and serve global field staff with a greater focus on field ministry. EMQ is the journal written by and serving the needs of these mission practitioners. It is a great fit alongside our many other membership benefit offerings.”

Missio Nexus plans to make EMQ available by:

  • Adding EMQ to an already extensive list of membership benefits. With over 20,000 globally dispersed missionaries represented by members, EMQ’s readership will expand.
  • Providing a subscription option for those who are not members of Missio Nexus.
  • House the archives of past EMQ journals and make them publicly accessible.

The first edition of EMQ under Missio Nexus’ leadership will be published in 2018 as a digital publication. Existing EMQ subscribers will be informed about the changes and updates to their subscription in the months ahead.

About Missio Nexus: Missio Nexus is the largest and most inclusive expression of Great Commission oriented evangelicals in North America (US and Canada) that fosters shared learning, opportunities for collaborative action, and produces increased effectiveness through its many mission-orientated products, programs, and services.

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