Lausanne Issue Network Spotlight: Study of Global Christianity

Lausanne Issue Network Spotlight: Study of Global Christianity

In a series of subsequent posts, The Judson Center will be occasionally highlighting some of the issue networks at the Lausanne Movement. Each issue network is a group of like-minded global influencers who seek to partner, discuss, brainstorm, pray, and challenge other Christians to address a pervasive need facing the global church today. Each issue network is facilitated by a catalyst, with many others in partnership together.

The first issue network to be highlighted is: STUDY OF GLOBAL CHRISTIANITY

From their issue webpage:

The Study of Global Christianity issue network1 collates and analyzes the massive amount of data on church membership and evangelistic activities collected by 45,000 Christian denominations in 234 countries. This analysis is put in the context of other religions and demographic data to provide an authoritative view of global Christianity and its worldwide mission.

Check out their issue network for more information and to connect with Great Commission leaders.

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