E. D. Burns, Ph.D.


THEOLOGY: Missionary Theology | Scripture Centrality | Gospel Articulation

SPIRITUALITY: Missionary Spirituality | Christ-Centered Renewal | Gospel Transformation

MISSIOLOGY: Global Proclamation | Global-Church Collaboration | Gospel Communication


We live in a time of unparalleled opportunity for the Great Commission. Christian servants around the world can avail themselves to the unique privileges of jet travel, instantaneous communication, a universally-accepted language, immunizations/vaccinations, globalized culture, advanced education, and innumerable biblical/theological resources. The gospel of Jesus Christ has many roads on which to travel in our day. And yet Christ’s Commission remains unfulfilled. As there is a great need for more missionary-practitioners in this generation, so there is also a need for missionary-theologians who hold firm to the Word of Christ and contend for the supremacy of Christ in all aspects of global mission. Moreover, as history demonstrates, missionary movements are often fueled by great Christ-centered awakenings.

The Judson Center’s aim is to please Christ in obedience to his final command, through advancing global proclamation, promoting Scripture centrality, practicing missionary theology, and seeking Christ-centered renewal.

The Judson Center is an extension of the gospel-centered ethos and conviction of Western Seminary‘s distinguished M.A. in Global Leadership program. The Judson Center seeks to imitate the spirit of Adoniram Judson (1788-1850), the first American missionary to Burma—specifically his Christ-centered spirituality, Bible-driven missiology, and mission-oriented theology.

The Judson Center endeavors to create a gospel-centered missiological network of missionary-practitioners and missionary-theologians from around the world who would like to collaborate ideas, methods, theological insights, and spiritual reflections for the sake of Christ’s Commission. Though Western Seminary and The Judson Center might not endorse every theological opinion and ministry philosophy expressed in the Frontline Briefings and resources, nevertheless, scholars, missionaries, students, and global Christian servant-leaders are encouraged to contribute to The Judson Center.