This page is for visitors of The Judson Center to explore resources that will serve them in fulfilling Christ’s Commission. The Missiology, Spirituality, and Theology resources mentioned below are neither definitive nor exhaustive. Many more resources could be listed, and of those listed, some could be included in multiple categories. Moreover, not all of the opinions, ministry methods, and theological convictions expressed in these resources and ministries are endorsed by The Judson Center and Western Seminary. And though not all of these resources are directly related to missions, they are worth engaging for the sake of missiological conversation, theological articulation, evangelical edification, and global collaboration.

If you have ideas of resources that might be useful for visitors to this page, please reach out directly through our Contact page. More resources will be added periodically.


Culture, worldview, apologetics, evangelism, orality, diaspora, linguistics, church-planting, translation, global research, and cross-cultural servant-leadership…



Disicipleship, evangelical renewal, gospel-centered transformation, spiritual formation, prayer, biblical spirituality, Christ-centered awakening…



Practical theology, gospel-centered resources, hermeneutics, global theology, pastoral theology, biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, church history…